What is 100 Startups?

100 Startups is the largest fintech & insurtech open innovation initiative between Europe and Latin America.


The online world is today’s new reality, so we’ve designed a mixed meeting (in person and virtual) so you can choose the participation format that best adapts to your needs.

100 Startups is NOT just another event where you listen to talks and get to know the other participants. We’ll work with your team to offer you the best solutions and create a community so you can take part in activities before and after the meeting.

100 Startups is only the purchase/sale of technology.

100 Startups is exclusive. Only the best solutions.

Why participate?

You will find 100 of the best business solutions in your business/vertical niche selected by specialized innovation and accelerator hubs.

Because we know that going from one event to another is exhausting, we have designed for you the first sales fast track space in Europe.

High-level meetings in which your only objective will be to decide whether to buy or invest. We’ll do this by working with your team before and after the meeting

Know the future of fintech & insurtech globally through our sponsors.

What makes us different

Who is it for?

You’ll have access to the 100 best technological solutions for your challenges, selected from among the world’s leading hubs and accelerators.

You won’t need to take part in numerous events all year just to stay up to date. 100 Startups concentrates the best fintech & insurtech offer in the world in a unique open innovation programme.

We`ll help you arrange high-level meetings where your only objective will be to decide whether to buy or to invest. We’ll do this by working with your team before and after the meeting.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to sell to 40 corporations that have previously expressed an interest in your product.

We’ll be at your side to help you to arrange numerous top-level meetings in a short period of time.

You’ll be taking part in an initiative that continues to offer activities throughout the whole year, enabling you to improve your positioning with your corporate customers.

How we´re going to do it


Identification of projects/needs

Innsomnia Accelerator, one of Europe’s leading fintech & insurtech accelerators, will identify in advance what participating corporations are looking for and publish it on the web.



Through The Talent Route, the world’s leading network of fintech & insurtech accelerators (20 partners from 14 countries), we screen over 4,000 startups. If you are one of them we will call you. Stay tuned to the deadlines!.


Organizing meetings

We will match this information and propose personalized meetings so you can explore all opportunities for collaboration and joint development with the corporation that selects you.


Exclusive community

100 Startups doesn’t end on the day we all say goodbye: we’re going to create a community for ongoing dialogue between all the actors so we can exchange ideas and knowledge, and continue taking part in activities beyond the meeting.

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