• Because you’ll have access to the 100 best technological solutions for your challenges, selected from among the world’s leading hubs and accelerators.

  • Because you won’t need to take part in numerous events all year just to stay up to date. 100 Startups concentrates the best fintech & insurtech offer in the world in a unique open innovation programme.

  • Because we help you arrange high-level meetings where your only objective will be to decide whether to buy or to invest. We’ll do this by working with your team before and after the meeting.

How we´re going to do it

Innsomnia Accelerator, one of Europe’s leading fintech & insurtech accelerators, will work with your digital innovation and transformation team to learn the solutions you are looking for, what technologies you are most interested in, what urgent issues your organization needs to address, and how much you are willing to invest to meet those challenges.

Through The Talent Route, the world’s leading network of fintech & insurtech accelerators (20 members from 14 countries), we screen over 4,000 startups.

We will match this information and propose personalized meetings so that you can explore all the opportunities of collaboration and joint development with your selected startups/scaleups.



Individualized analysis of your interests and needs

Personalised questionnaire to narrow down your organisation’s interests in order to generate quality meetings with the respective startups. We’ll use this information to work with you and put you in contact with the best startups.


Personalised schedule

With our suitability report on eight selected start-ups (six in the case of virtual attendees).


30-minute meetings with each one

Meetings with startups attending virtually will be held between 5 and 12 November 2020. We’ll make sure to provide you with all the technical support – all you have to do is focus on deciding whether to buy or invest.


Admission to the event

If you’re attending in person, you’ll be entitled to admission for two so the most important people in your team can be with us during 100 Startups.

If you opt to take part virtually, you can count on the best technology to ensure you’ll be able to be present on 5 November, without any limit to the number of connections.


Global report on 100 Startups by Innsomnia

Don’t worry if you can’t see all of them!

We’ve designed meeting spaces so the magic can take place, but if it doesn’t, you can take away the report identifying and analysing the 100 companies selected.


Fintech & Insurtech Galaxy

Presentation of one of the largest ecosystems in the world, with 4,000 solutions that are already operating in banks, insurance companies and retailers.


What are you doing?” round table and co-creation workshop

Exclusive virtual meeting between major corporations to learn how other large companies approach the important challenges facing the sector, to be held in the week after 100 Startups.


100 Under the Stars dinner

Only for attendees in person


Exclusive community

Throughout the year you’ll have access to two corporate webinars on fintech&insurtech in which we’ll continue co-creating together.


Information tailored to your needs and objectives

Over one year, we’ll update you each quarter with all the new developments in the fintech&insurtech sector thanks to an exclusive and personalised report adapted to your company’s opportunities and interests.


Visibility between the leading actors in the sector

During the year after the 100 Startups event, you’ll be able to promote online content (webinars, workshops, etc.) of relevance for the two industries that form part of the first edition of 100 Startups.

We’ll also include your logo on the website and in the communications on 100 Startups, in media such as social networks or press releases.


Visit to innovation hubs

If you’re attending in person, on the second day you’ll have the opportunity to present the main fintech & insurtech innovation hubs in Spain (Mapfre, Santalucía Space, Insur_space, Bankia, BBVA Open Space, etc.)

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